– conceptual study
– CAD or manual 2D sketching
– 3D sketching based on sketch and package

Cad modeling

– class A modeling in ICEM Surf
– technical modeling in Catia
….part sizing, strength and stiffness analysis
– 3D sketching in Alias, ICEM Surf and Rhino


– photorealistic rendering of CAD models
– material settings
– working with textures
– creation of artificial environment


– CNC machining
– 3D printing
– vacuum casting with silicone molds
– robotic workplace 6m x 3m
– 3D scanning
– classic craft

Functional assemblies

– demonstrative models
– fully functional assembly for testing
or fully operational

Renovation of oldtimers

– copies of components
– renovation of individual parts
– optimization of parts or groups of parts
without affecting the original appearance